Mafia Airsoft and Hobby Shop is your one stop shop for all your airsoft needs. Whether you are an enthusiast or just about to embark into the sport, Mafia Airsoft and Hobby Shop offers you an exciting assortment of Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong made airsoft handguns and rifles. We also stock a wide range of upgrade parts, accessories, tactical gear and plastic model kits.
Resistance is futile... Visit us and be part of the Iloilo's airsoft craze.

Mafia Airsoft and Hobby Shop offers the following products.

Gas airsoft and gas sniper rifle
The most effective in AirSoft bb gun performance runs on a gas driven mechanism. Low-temperature carbon dioxide (CO2), environment safe Freon, or Green Gas are the most popular of gases used.

Electric Airsoft Gun/Rifle

"Automatic Electric Gun" or AEG are Electric Airsoft BB Guns which are electric powered submachine guns or rifles finely detailed while some are equipped with functional accessories and components.

Airsoft Gun Magazine
Extra Airsoft Clips or Airsoft Magazines for spring, gas, or electric Airsoft for the times when you need extra fire power or just in case you are trigger happy. A must have for any airsoft player.

Airsoft Accessories
Apparel, Masks, Slings, Holsters, Vests, Airsoft Green Gas, AEG Batteries, Battery Chargers, Target, Airsoft BB's and 6mm Pellets

Airsoft Upgrade Parts

Spring and Gas Gun Upgrades, External Electric Airsoft Gun (AEG) Upgrades, Internal Electric Airsoft Gun (AEG) Upgrades, Airsoft Scopes, Mounts, Weaver Rails.

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